Gym members view on cleanness, and how gym owners are responding.

This is a widely discussed topic on social media. There have been many reports from gym members in various towns in and around Arlington, MA that their gyms are not following cleaning protocols, which makes their members feel unsafe putting their health at risk due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Pre COVID-19 pandemic, individuals shared theContinue reading “Gym members view on cleanness, and how gym owners are responding.”

Selecting a cleaning service for your business

When your clients visit your business, they expect to see everyone looking sharp and professional. They also expect the same from your facilities. Your staff also want to feel that management is taking measures to keep them safe and healthy. That is why every business should have a professional cleaning company come in after businessContinue reading “Selecting a cleaning service for your business”

Are you mixing your cleaning products?

Nowadays, a lot of people are using more cleaning products, so they can guarantee that their home or office is safe for their family or employees. Understandably so, people are anxious and want to make sure that they disinfect everything, and doing so, some make the mistake of mixing different cleaning solutions together, so theyContinue reading “Are you mixing your cleaning products?”