Glove scarcity and price prediction

PPE equipment is more important now than ever. PPE equipment, especially gloves, help people to protect them against toxic agents that might harm their skin, as well as protect them from bacteria, germs, and viruses that have harmful affects on their health. Gloves fall in five categories and these are: Latex gloves, Nitrile gloves, NeopreneContinue reading “Glove scarcity and price prediction”

Restrictions are mildly lifted, things to consider.

Starting today, February 8th 5:00 AM, businesses in Massachusetts will increase capacity from 25% to 40% capacity limit. This is a welcoming gesture to businesses from the Governor Baker administration, enabling businesses to have a better fighting chance for survival due to previous pandemic restrictions. However indoor recreation businesses such as roller links and trampolineContinue reading “Restrictions are mildly lifted, things to consider.”