House Cleaning

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Do you come home from work to look at a mess? Do your kitchen counters and cabinets have food stains? Is your sink filled with water and food stains? Is your bathroom just not meeting your hygiene standards? Maybe you are one of those folks, that doesn’t have any spare time to clean. If this is you, it is time to look to have a cleaning service that you can trust to show up, communicate well, be sincere, and most importantly to know that they can deliver a solid cleaning plan that will meet your cleaning needs.

You can rest knowing that you will find what you need in Spongies Cleaners, LLC. You will know that a well-trained cleaning crew will take care of your home as it is their own. The dust and stains will be gone, your bathroom and kitchen will be sanitized, and most importantly, you will walk into a freshly cleaned home give you the peace of mind and comfort you deserve.

Call (781-641-0186) or email Spongies Cleaners, LLC. today to ask for a free estimate. We are bonded and insured company.

We currently offer standard house cleaning and deep house cleaning services. Click below to learn more.


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