Residential Service

You Need Your Home Clean NOW More than Ever!

Are you spending more time in the kitchen? Are you overwhelmed by working from home and homeschooling? Do you feel that you never get a break because you are always ON? How is the division of labor in your household going? Do you have time for your relationship, or more importantly… YOURSELF? Are you READY to leave your Fourth job?…..House Cleaning?

Does this sound all too familiar to you? Maybe its time for you to hire a house cleaning service that will solve all of your problems, so you can finally have YOUR PEACE OF MIND! But who you can rely on? What IF you hire the WRONG cleaning service?😟

What YOU will get by hiring Spongies Cleaners, LLC. :

  1. A trained professional cleaning staff
  2. We will be there when you need us, and we will make sure we understand your frustrations and needs
  3. Consistent cleaning service
  4. Excellent customer service

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All that sounds good, but…but…is it safe having cleaners in our home during this time? Yes, we got you covered!

We want you to have a peace of mind working with us, and to show that we are committed in our professional growth, and everyone’s health and safety, all of our cleaning techs have been educated and trained on COVID-19 Disinfection and Safety.

Convinced? Great! The only thing that you have to do now is to submit your info below 👇and we will get in touch with you for your cleaning assessment. Whats next? Now what you need to do, is just sit back at your nice comfortable couch, and enjoy life with peace of mind!

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