Five Reasons to Consider Changing your Office Cleaning Company

Imagine walking into your office Monday morning and it still looks and feels dirty. You head towards the kitchen and think twice about touching the counter or grabbing a cup of coffee. On the way back to your desk you stop in the bathroom and the trash bins are still full. Your cleaning company was supposed to service your office on Friday night, but it doesn’t look like anything was cleaned. You cannot help but wonder why your cleaning company is so inconsistent and find yourself questioning if it’s time for a change.

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Does this scenario describe your current situation? Read on for a list of five reasons to consider changing your office cleaning company TODAY!

#1 – Mistakes – We all have off days and make mistakes. But frequent cleaning mistakes such as forgetting to empty trash bins, vacuum carpets, wipe counters can lead to frustration and complaints. You have enough on your plate and don’t have enough time to worry about the next cleaning issue.

#2 – Lack of communication – We all get busy, but communication is vital for a solid work relationship. Lack of communication can range from unanswered emails and calls to neglecting client feedback. Feeling like another client without support can lead to frustration, that you just do not need.

#3 – Careless with security – Most commercial companies service offices after normal business hours. For this reason, its important to be able to trust your office cleaning provider. Your cleaning company should be hiring employees that are eligible to work in the United States to avoid government issues and conduct background checks.

#4 – Neglects to honor your requests – Does your office cleaning provider continuously ignore your requests? Are you frustrated that your basic requests are not heard? It might be time to look for another office cleaning provider that respects your requests and doesn’t need to be micromanaged.

#5 – Inconsistent schedule – Do you wonder when your office cleaning provider will show up? Does the service date and time vary from week to week?

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