Post-Construction Cleaning

You started remodeling your kitchen and maybe that expanded to updating your bathrooms. Maybe you decided it was time to renovate your entire home. Either way, once all the renovations are finished you must deal with the sawdust and dirt that your contractors left behind. But how do you find the time for detailed cleaning when you’re busy with your current schedule. Even if you find the time, do you have the proper equipment to ensure your home is a healthy environment for your family and pets.

It’s difficult to decide which cleaning company you need to hire to meet your cleaning needs. Your painful journey has come to an end because you found Spongies Cleaners, LLC. You can rely on our responsible well-trained crew to listen to your needs and design a cleaning plan to meet your goals. The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products along with the use of HEPA filter vacuums will secure a healthy and clean environment. Every aspect of the service beginning with scheduling your cleaning appointment down to final product, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home is in good hands. After all, we take pride that we take care of each home as one of our own.

Call (781-641-0186) or email Spongies Cleaners, LLC. today to ask for a free cleaning assessment. We are bonded and insured company.

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