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Glove scarcity and price prediction

PPE equipment is more important now than ever. PPE equipment, especially gloves, help people to protect them against toxic agents that might harm their skin, as well as protect them from bacteria, germs, and viruses that have harmful affects on their health. Gloves fall in five categories and these are: Latex gloves, Nitrile gloves, NeopreneContinue reading “Glove scarcity and price prediction”

Restrictions are mildly lifted, things to consider.

Starting today, February 8th 5:00 AM, businesses in Massachusetts will increase capacity from 25% to 40% capacity limit. This is a welcoming gesture to businesses from the Governor Baker administration, enabling businesses to have a better fighting chance for survival due to previous pandemic restrictions. However indoor recreation businesses such as roller links and trampolineContinue reading “Restrictions are mildly lifted, things to consider.”

Gym members view on cleanness, and how gym owners are responding.

This is a widely discussed topic on social media. There have been many reports from gym members in various towns in and around Arlington, MA that their gyms are not following cleaning protocols, which makes their members feel unsafe putting their health at risk due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Pre COVID-19 pandemic, individuals shared theContinue reading “Gym members view on cleanness, and how gym owners are responding.”

Spongies Cleaners, LLC. Blog

Introduction Greetings and welcome to the Spongies Cleaners blog! Our company is based out of Arlington, MA and we have been operating since 2016. We help companies to be clean, safe, and ready for their employees and customers, so they can focus on growing their business as they are supposed to! We also help homeownersContinue reading “Spongies Cleaners, LLC. Blog”

Know your Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are important because they helps us prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and protect our health . Even though there are a variety of hand sanitizers, there are two distinct types of hand sanitizers: Alcohol based gels and Alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizers. Both types have their benefits and drawbacks. This blog will helpContinue reading “Know your Hand Sanitizer”

Selecting a cleaning service for your business

When your clients visit your business, they expect to see everyone looking sharp and professional. They also expect the same from your facilities. Your staff also want to feel that management is taking measures to keep them safe and healthy. That is why every business should have a professional cleaning company come in after businessContinue reading “Selecting a cleaning service for your business”

Why use electrostatic disinfection?

Is your home or office frequently raided by the flu-like symptoms or GI issues? Does the thought of germs, bacteria and viruses freak you out? Are you hoping that you can maintain the health and safety of your home and office from another impending illness? An electrostatic disinfection sprayer service might be the solution toContinue reading “Why use electrostatic disinfection?”

4 Reasons why you should consider a deep cleaning of your office space

You probably have a cleaning service that comes in and performs their routine cleaning. All visible areas appear clean, but you begin to notice things aren’t really that clean. Your blinds are covered with dust, your microwave is messy, and even worse, your restroom emits a horrible odor. Does this sound familiar? Keep reading… AContinue reading “4 Reasons why you should consider a deep cleaning of your office space”

Four Benefits of Regular House Cleaning

Did you know cleaning has more benefits than just living in a home that feels and smells fresh? Do you ever wonder why you may feel renewed, motivated, recharged and even get a surge of energy after cleaning your home? Continue reading to learn more about four benefits to regular house cleaning. Strengthen your immuneContinue reading “Four Benefits of Regular House Cleaning”

Are you mixing your cleaning products?

Nowadays, a lot of people are using more cleaning products, so they can guarantee that their home or office is safe for their family or employees. Understandably so, people are anxious and want to make sure that they disinfect everything, and doing so, some make the mistake of mixing different cleaning solutions together, so theyContinue reading “Are you mixing your cleaning products?”

Re-opening Your Business, Things to Consider

As you slowly return to re-opening your business, you want to make sure your offices are ready for your employees and clients. We know proper hygiene, social distancing and wearing face masks can prevent the spread of COVID-19, but business owners should enforce routine cleaning and disinfection services to guarantee a safe work environment. YourContinue reading “Re-opening Your Business, Things to Consider”

Cleaning Service vs. Independent Cleaner

Do you ever wonder if there is a difference between a cleaning service and an independent cleaner? Do you find yourself saying “its just cleaning, why does it matter?” Although an independent cleaner may have amazing cleaning skills, there are a few things to consider before deciding which is right for you. Liability Insurance BothContinue reading “Cleaning Service vs. Independent Cleaner”


Dear Valued Clients, I hope you and your loved ones are healthy! I also wanted to say THANK YOU to our wonderful clients, we are so grateful for all the continued support. I also wanted to send a quick update regarding our services and practices in this ever-changing situation. We have taken the following stepsContinue reading “COVID-19”

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