Questions to ask when you hire a commercial cleaning company for your medical facilities

Keeping a medical facility clean, employees and patients safe and healthy, is more than just tidying up and make it look presentable. According to Metrex, approximately 1.7 million Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are reported to the CDC every year, and over 90,000 of those infections result in death. With that being said, your medical facility demands to have a regular in-depth infection control cleaning performed. Besides stopping the spread of infections, regular cleaning of your medical facility also leads to higher productivity, efficiency, and less waste.

Our market is saturated with different cleaning companies to chose from, which makes it difficult to select the right vendor for your specific needs. To make things worse, some decision makers are not trained right to make the right questions, or they assume that every cleaning company knows what they are doing. To make sure you are getting the most value, make sure you ask the following questions when hiring a commercial cleaning company.

Look for proof of strong leadership

This is a very important factor, and a cleaning company doesn’t have strong leadership will definitely have issues providing consistent quality and professionalism. To make this worse, it could also lead to poor communication between you and their cleaning techs. To validate this quality, ask if they have upper management training, how they conduct their hiring process, how the train their cleaning techs, and how they keep track of their work. The attention to this level of detail will help you decide if the commercial cleaning company you are hiring is committed to their trade, and to their clients.


This aspect is often overlooked especially with property management startups. Having 5-10 years of cleaning experience does not qualify to clean a medical facility. There are a lot of invisible and visible dangers. A commercial cleaning company that holds certifications on Bloodborne Pathogens and Medical Cleaning to name a few, will prevent the spread of dangerous illnesses. Even if the commercial cleaning company is not dealing directly with blood, and body fluids, it is good to know that the cleaning company that you hire is properly trained in this area. This again shows they are committed to their profession, and pay great attention to the health and safety of their employees as well as their clients.

Ask about background checks

Unfortunately, this question is almost never asked, and I can personally relate to this through my experience. However, this is not an issue that medical and non medical facilities face. As stated above, the market is saturated with many cleaning companies, and not all put their clients needs first. Some commercial cleaning companies will hire or subcontract anyone. How do you trust your sensitive information with just anyone? Make sure you ask that question, so you and your employees can have the peace of mind you want in your office. After all, you are looking to hire a reliable and trustworthy to take care of your cleaning needs.

Do they have their own systems and processes to perform their own audits?

As previously stated, when hiring a commercial cleaning company for your medical office or facility, you want to make sure they have proper training and audit their own systems. Professional cleaning companies that maintain high cleaning standards will use VeriClean audit system, or something similar to make sure all surfaces have been properly disinfected. Even though most professional commercial cleaning companies that have certifications in Medical Cleaning, it is good to know they are following a system to guarantee the service performed was a solid job done right.

Always ask for references

I am sure this is a standard practice for most companies that hire a commercial cleaning company. However, you should put the effort and call those references, so you can have an idea of what to expect, how well the job is done, their consistency, and level of professionalism. This will also validate whether you are making the right decision to hire the prospect commercial cleaning company.

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Do not hire out of desperation

If you need a commercial cleaning company, make sure you don’t do it out of desperation. This decision will eventually cost you more money. Last minute commercial cleaning companies maybe attractive due to their low prices and circumstances, but they tend to be under qualified. Last minute commercial cleaning companies will take on any project out of desperation for work, and will most definitely not have the systems and processes in place to ensure they provide training to their cleaning techs, follow safety procedures and cleaning standards, as well as invest in the right equipment for the project. Take the time to figure out your needs and schedule a meeting with commercial cleaning companies. Interview them and avoid making the decision to hire someone who is not qualified. You will thank yourself for avoiding all the future trouble.

Hopefully today’s topic was insightful. The market is saturated with commercial cleaning companies, but few are committed to their professional growth, and few enforce sustainable and innovative cleaning practices that are qualified to clean medical facilities. If you are in this position, contact Spongies Cleaners, LLC. to help you maintain the cleanliness of your medical facility the right way.