5 Reasons why you should change your commercial cleaning service

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At some point in your life, you have encountered this problem. Either you’re an office manager, or a business owner, you have received constant complaints from your employees (hopefully not from your customers!) regarding the poor leveling of cleaning in your facilities. When you took on the position, or launched your business, the only thing you were thinking about is how to promote your services and your products, how to hire and guide your team, and work with your customers, but never you thought that you would be dealing with cleaning. Especially when you hired a commercial cleaning service that would deal that for you, so you can focus on the most important stuff like growing your business! The following reasons are why offices change their commercial cleaning service.

Security lapses

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Believe it or not, this is one of the most common problems companies face. Your commercial cleaning service arrives after business hours, they do their job, but they forget to lock the door and set up the alarm system. There are many important documents in your company from business plans to client’s information. This is not something you want to happen in your business and have all that bad reputation just because your commercial cleaning service was not responsible.

They didn’t do what they promised they will do

When you met initially with your commercial cleaning service you had a good feeling that your facility would be squeaky clean. But then you noticed that things were taken care properly, trash bins full, ledges full of dust, floor not vacuumed, you got the idea! This is something you want to avoid because both your clients and employees are talking, and they are not saying anything good.

Poor communication

You haven’t heard from your cleaning service days now after emailing and leaving several voice messages? What happens if you have an emergency or some other urgent matter, and you need the help of your commercial cleaning service? Your commercial cleaning service should be able to respond to you within 24 hours and should be in touch with you frequently making sure you are happy with their service.

Lack of trained cleaning staff

If your commercial cleaning service does not provide sufficient training to their cleaning techs, that will result in poor results, and that should not be your baggage! When your commercial cleaning service does not conduct any training on their cleaning staff, how will your facilities be thoroughly and properly clean? Does that make you worry that your health and safety is not considered? Or what about when they miss out throwing the trash away? What about if it’s a medical facility and they are not throwing the trash in red or orange bags? Will that cost you a fine from your town as well as a bad reputation in the community you operate? Will that reflect poorly on your judgement as an office manager not being able to take on responsibility and lead the operations smoothly?


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Did your commercial cleaning service offer you the cheapest price ever? Then you noticed that your commercial cleaning service is not cleaning your facilities right, there is no consistency in service, or their cleaning techs have no clear answers on cleaning matters. This is a common trap that most companies fall into because the low price misleads them that their commercial company will deliver excellent results. When the price is low, most likely they haven’t taken into account about training, they do not offer programs to keep their staff motivated, they do not have the right cleaning equipment to perform their jobs right, and their cleaning techs have no idea of how to use their cleaning agents. In addition, their cleaning techs might do a poorly job because they are not motivated to learn something new, and there are no weekly meetings talking about weekly performance, or how to handle customers requests, or even provide customer service. When you come across to a low price, most likely you will be encountering these problems that you do not want to add to your company’s current problems.

Hopefully we were able to help you out with the most common mistakes that other companies and office managers have faced through their experiences. Make sure you ask questions to the commercial cleaning company that you are planning to hire, and not only focus on the pricing of the service. If they do not have systems and processes in place that take care of training, to support their cleaning staff, or do not use technology to track their work done, you most likely will be facing a problem soon. There are several factors you need to take into account when hiring a commercial cleaning service for your facilities and you want to make sure when you hire them, cleaning will not be your problem, but your main problem will be how to grow your business and helps your client’s needs, and how to keep your employees happy. If you require a reliable commercial cleaning service, get in touch with us, so you can start having that peace of mind you are looking for.