Glove scarcity and price prediction

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PPE equipment is more important now than ever. PPE equipment, especially gloves, help people to protect them against toxic agents that might harm their skin, as well as protect them from bacteria, germs, and viruses that have harmful affects on their health. Gloves fall in five categories and these are: Latex gloves, Nitrile gloves, Neoprene gloves and Vinyl gloves. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the growing usage of disposable gloves increased at the national and global level, and its likely to continue to increase in demand as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Disposable gloves are used in many industries. Disposable gloves are used in the medical field to help health providers be safe when examining a patient or conducting a surgery. They are also used in the pharmaceutical industry when handling chemicals, or pathogens to carry out their daily experiments. The food industry uses them to prep food and make sure food-borne illnesses are not spread to their patrons. Although gloves are frequently used, the disposable glove manufacturing industry never considered a global pandemic such as COVID-19 in their production plans. This global pandemic has affected demand because:

  • people are informed that there is a public outbreak of pandemic diseases
  • people are more aware about personal hygiene
  • there is a strong demand for nitrile gloves
  • there is an increase in clean-room technology
  • and of course, growing demand for gloves
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These factors are putting a tremendous pressure on the production and supply of disposable gloves. Since there was a major shortage of masks and disinfectants, which increased the prices of those products, the same will occur for disposable gloves. This is what we predict will affect the pricing of disposable gloves:  

  1. Capacity and cost of production – There is an increased demand for gloves, while there is also a shortage of workers in the glove production because of social distance and health measures. This forces companies that manufacture gloves to implement COVID-19 disinfection and take measures that will otherwise spread the virus and force lock-downs to their facilities, and this will likely result in a price increase.
  2. Raw Material – The shortage of raw materials for gloves and the interruption of supply or production of raw materials will affect prices of gloves. Currently, it is estimated that the shortage of nitrile gloves may be a problem up to the first half of 2022. In addition, there are not many facilities that can produce these gloves, which also affects the shortage, and developing new factories will take time, but will also affect the price of gloves when they are constructed and fully operated.
  3. Demand and supply – Due to pandemic of COVID-19, there has been 40% increase demand for disposable gloves. As a result of this demand, it has shocked beyond the limits of supply. Therefore, prices will be significantly higher as long as there is an increase demand and shortage in the market.
  4. Online Vendors and Investors – Some online vendors are taking advantage of the situation and are selling disposable gloves at expensive prices, and there are some desperate consumers who will buy them at any price. Another reason that affects the prices are investment firms. Investment firms are financing glove purchasing agreements for large profit share.

Disposable gloves are used to protect our health, and to prevent the spread of illnesses. New methods need to be invented in order to satisfy the growing demand of gloves. Many industries are struggling to fight against COVID-19, even worse, our health care system! We need to ensure that essential industries are taking care of their needs by making sure they have easy access and availability of disposable gloves. Above all, we are in this together and we need to help each other as a community and as a nation, so we can ensure the survival of our loved ones.

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