Restrictions are mildly lifted, things to consider.

african american female in mask picking bakery products in market
Photo by Laura James on Pexels.com

Starting today, February 8th 5:00 AM, businesses in Massachusetts will increase capacity from 25% to 40% capacity limit. This is a welcoming gesture to businesses from the Governor Baker administration, enabling businesses to have a better fighting chance for survival due to previous pandemic restrictions. However indoor recreation businesses such as roller links and trampoline parks remain closed. Since businesses are going to open for more customers, it would be wise to review their health and safety measures for the health and safety of their patrons and their employees. After all, we are all in this together!

Since restrictions are mildly lifted, employers now have the added responsibility to rethink their safety and hygiene measures for their employees and clients. Indoors can be a problem in terms of providing social distancing; however, having systems and processes in your business can be the safeguard to eliminate the spread of COVID-19. Below are the precautions we advise you to take to ensure your clients and employees are safe.

  1. Hygiene precaution: This should be a focus now more than ever. I have been in venues or read on social media that employees are not wearing their PPE correctly, or not wearing them when they are not in the view of the public eye. PPE shouldn’t be seen as a burden or a means of punishment for employees. On the contrary, it is a lifeguard to protect their health, and the health of others. Before the staff starts its daily operations, it would be wise to mention the risks of COVID-19 during daily meetings, and how to protect your staff and clients from it. Repetition leads to perfection.
  2. Before opening your facilities to the public, make sure you conduct a thorough disinfect procedure.
  3. Make available sanitation stations in multiple locations.
  4. Make sure you place no touch trash can throughout your facilities, and make sure they are covered and emptied regularly.
  5. Make sure soap and water is available and encourage with signs to wash hands frequently.
  6. This is hard, but we got to be vigilant! Avoid handshakes and other form of physical contact. Use gestures that do not require physical contact.
  7. Surfaces should be disinfected on regular intervals. Make sure to read the dwelling process, each disinfectant has a different time span. This is overlooked due to the lack of training and education, make sure you read the instructions and apply them.
  8. Make available surgical masks. You do not know what accidents may occur, and your employees and patrons might need one in case theirs has been lost or not functioning properly.
cutout paper composition representing precautions against coronavirus disease
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I am sure all businesses by now have had applied these measures or some of them. However, always improving your systems and processes guarantees the safety of your employees and clients and helps the spread of COVID-19. The vaccination is almost there, we put all the hard work so far to protect our community, we should not allow room for mistakes. We wish you all good health for you and your families.