Gym members view on cleanness, and how gym owners are responding.

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This is a widely discussed topic on social media. There have been many reports from gym members in various towns in and around Arlington, MA that their gyms are not following cleaning protocols, which makes their members feel unsafe putting their health at risk due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Pre COVID-19 pandemic, individuals shared the responsibility of cleaning by disinfecting equipment after using them. Compliance wasn’t high, and yet people weren’t that concerned. Gym owners usually contracted out for basic cleaning to ensure their facilities were passing the “clean approval”. Although there were and are some gym owners who take pride in their business and are more fastidious when it comes to cleaning their facilities, it is also clear that the global pandemic has changed the expectation of how clean a gym should be.

According to a new Morning Chalk Up nationwide poll of gym owners, there was a reported gap between how clean a gym is for gym owners and how their respective members view their facilities. According to the Morning Chalk Up nationwide poll, 86.7% of gym owners stated they are doing a “very good job” with cleaning protocols. However, only 62.9% of gym members agreed with this statement.

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Despite this gap, gym owners are taking their members seriously, and are spending resources to comply with the new cleaning protocols and to meet their members demands. By doing so, many gym owners are seeing their costs are increasing, while their revenues are decreasing.

As a result of the global pandemic, gym members have a newfound expectation. Whatever you touch in the gym, should be disinfected by the gym owners a before another members uses it. According to the Morning Chalk Up nationwide poll, 84% said that wiping all equipment down has become the new norm, considering that prior to the pandemic only 25% would apply this rule of thumb.

This pandemic has taught us a lesson, especially to gym owners. Gym facilities can no longer “pass” the “clean approval”, but they need to have systems and processes in place to make sure their facilities are safe and healthy for their members. Conversely, gym members are more conscious about the cleanliness of the space they are using and are putting their effort to help maintain a clean space, but they also they are demanding better cleaning.  If you are a gym owner and you are not sure that you are doing enough or doing it right for the safety and health of your members, give us a call and request a cleaning assessment. We would love to sit down and hear your frustrations and needs, and then develop an action plan to solve your problems.