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Greetings and welcome to the Spongies Cleaners blog! Our company is based out of Arlington, MA and we have been operating since 2016. We help companies to be clean, safe, and ready for their employees and customers, so they can focus on growing their business as they are supposed to! We also help homeowners keep their home safe and clean for their families.

Who do we work with: software companies, financial services, medical services, property managers, home owners and personal wellness services.

Our blog mission

We started this blog to provide our community with some cleaning tips. We understand that homeowners have a lot on their plate: work, taking care of their children, homeschooling and chores. All these activities can take a lot from their personal time and energy, and so they cannot invest any additional time researching cleaning and organizational tips. This is where we step in.

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Similarly, business owners and office managers are focused on dealing with their employees, clients, and growing their businesses. This leaves them with little time to focus their efforts on cleaning. Lets face it, if your facilities do not look clean it will negatively effect how your business is viewed by your clients and employees.

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For these reasons we have taken the task to provide some cleaning tips that will give some value to our community. It also gives a glimpse about us to individuals that have not worked with us to get to know us, and see how it would be working with us.

Hopefully our blogs will help you have some insight around cleaning, and save you time from unnecessary research. Thank you for stopping by, and I wish you all well.

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