Four Benefits of Regular House Cleaning

Did you know cleaning has more benefits than just living in a home that feels and smells fresh? Do you ever wonder why you may feel renewed, motivated, recharged and even get a surge of energy after cleaning your home? Continue reading to learn more about four benefits to regular house cleaning.

  1. Strengthen your immune system

Throughout the year, homes accumulate dust, mold, mildew, and even pet dander that can affect the immune system and contribute to allergies. Regular cleanings can reduce if not eliminate these contaminants from your home which may improve your overall health. 

  1. Decrease stress and depression

Many of you are working from home and cannot get a separation between work and home. More and more people are complaining about issues with sleep and their mental health. Interestingly, keeping a home clean and tidy, can help improve how one feels, thinks and sleeps. The National Center for Biotechnology Information found that a clean home can make individuals feel more relaxed, refreshed, and liberated. It can also improve daily mood and ability to focus. According to this study, participants’ stress and depression levels began to decrease and they were able to sleep better after getting their home cleaned. 

  1. Prevent Illness

Let’s face it. When you live with others (family & non-family), there is an increased risk of being exposed to germs & bacteria. Keeping high traffic areas such as sinks, cutting boards, door handles and light switches clean can stop the spread of illness and keep everyone healthy.

  1. More healthy eating, physical activity

According to a study conducted by Indiana University keeping a home clean is associated with an active lifestyle and the tendency to make better food choices. Keeping our home clean, can inspire us to cut out what no longer serves us such as unhealthy food, technology, or substances.  

Have these benefits convinced you to rethink your cleaning routine?  Contact Spongies Cleaners, LLC. to learn more about how their cleaning techs can help you with your cleaning goals. Unsure about our service? New clients can request one FREE STANDARD CLEANING. Get to know us before committing to a cleaning routine. You are just one step away!

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