4 Reasons why you should consider a deep cleaning of your office space

You probably have a cleaning service that comes in and performs their routine cleaning. All visible areas appear clean, but you begin to notice things aren’t really that clean. Your blinds are covered with dust, your microwave is messy, and even worse, your restroom emits a horrible odor. Does this sound familiar? Keep reading…

A routine cleaning service will address the common spaces, but the details are usually ignored during a routing cleaning. If you pay attention to those details, you may begin to notice dust, cobwebs, fingerprints on surfaces, sticky places, and even grime. To make things worse, invisible problems such as germs, bacteria and viruses are threatening the health of  your employees & visitors. Still not fully convinced about the benefits? Keep reading…

  1. Professional Appearance

Keeping your office clean sends the message that you care about your employees & visitors, while making your office appear organized and professional. A messy space may make you appear as unreliable and not trustworthy.

  1. Increased Productivity

Junk and clutter may prevent you from finding an important document or a secure digital card, and now you must waste your time finding those valuable items. Having your office deep cleaned can help your office be organized; thus, leading to more productivity and less time wasted.

  1. Morale

A deep clean can have a positive effect on your employees morale. Your employees will feel great and will take pride in their workspace and which can also lead them to produce higher quality work. 

  1. Health

Having employees in a tight space can increase risk of illnesses. Kitchens, bathrooms, and work desks can accumulate a lot of germs, bacteria, and viruses. This can cause your employees to be ill and affect the overall productivity of your business. Having a deep cleaning performed in those areas can disinfect high traffic areas which can be harmful to your employees and client’s health. 

Unfortunately, the benefits of a deep clean are overlooked, and most business owners think a routine cleaning service is enough to do the work. You do not need to be one of these people, so consider sitting down with your cleaning provider and discussing your deep cleaning needs. If you do not have a cleaning service for your office or your current cleaning service is not doing a great job cleaning, contact Spongies Cleaning. We would love to hear your frustrations about cleaning. Then, we will design a cleaning plan that will solve all your problems. Act now!