About Spongies

Welcome to our website! Hi, I am George Stathopoulos and the President of Spongies Cleaners, a small residential and office cleaning business based out of Arlington, MA. I started this company as a university project for my Master’s thesis.

You are probably wondering why would I select the house cleaning service industry? The answer is easy! I heard the same pain and frustration from my relatives, friends, and colleagues that their cleaning service was horrible! They don’t do what they promised, they aren’t dependable, there isn’t enough effort from cleaners, and their attitude is lame! Did I just get your attention? I bet I did because you most likely faced one of these issues if not all them at once!

You are probably wondering why we are different. That is because our company is based on core values that educates our clients and potential customers about who we are as a company, and what to expect when working with us. We are different and better because not only we offer support, but we take it a step further to provide you a guarantee because you deserve the best!

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